Moving is NOT child’s play. Plan ahead.

Moving is NOT child’s play. Plan ahead.

It happens time and time again; you decide to sell your house or move into a new location, get tied up in the details of everything that surrounds a move and suddenly find yourself waiting until the last possible moment to pack. With each move you promise yourself that it will be different.  You learn what worked best previously, what was a complete disaster and aim to eradicate any extra stress by properly packing, labeling boxes, and getting rid of things you don’t need to transport. Here are some helpful tips to make your next move go as smooth as possible.

Time Period

If you are selling your house you can’t necessarily pick and choose when you will move, you simply leave when the deal has been completed. If however you can choose when to move, the period between Memorial Day to Labor Day is reported to be the busiest time for movers which means premium accommodations are quickly snatched up.  Plan ahead by getting quotes from numerous moving companies booking in advance in order to obtain the best possible service and rate.  Moving across town can require less equipment and manpower but should not wait until the last minute. Whether it is for professional moving services or renting your own truck, exploring your options can save you money and stress.


All too often you pack things away in a box only to move to a new location and realize you don’t want or need certain things.  Save yourself the excess space by going through things you have not used or don’t intend to use in the future.  Having a garage sale, another way to help pay for some of the cost incurred by a move, and give unwanted items to a new home!  If you have carted certain things around for years only for them to take up space in an attic or closet, seriously think about getting rid of unwanted items. As we grow older, we all tend to accumulate a bunch of “stuff” that is simply that, “stuff.”


Moving boxes can be expensive when purchased through a moving company but there are ways around this unnecessary cost. Most businesses receive shipments of supplies that come in sturdy boxes and would be more than wiling to hand over their unwanted “trash”.  Gathering boxes by asking around work for anyone that has unwanted boxes, can begin your move on the right foot. Let people know you are planning a move and they can hand over their unwanted cardboard. Make sure you use sturdy boxes for items that will be fragile or heavy.

Space Savers

Vacuum packed bags can be life savers! There is nothing worse than having boxes of clothing and bedding to cart around.  It not only takes up a lot of space but can be awkward and left for the last possible moment.  Amazon, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, and many other stores offer vacuum packed bags that are great and do not compromise the form of your expensive or quality clothing and bedding.


Begin packing up rooms that you do not use as often. Labeling you boxes with the room they belong in, as well as the contents of the box can save a lot of time and stress on the other end of a move. If you thought packing was stressful, trying to find your items once you have reached your new location can be just as big of a headache if you are not prepared.  Think of a good way to label you boxes that will be useful to you whether it is where the contents came from in your old house or where you would like them to go in your new house.

Anything that you can accomplish prior to the actual move you will be grateful for.  Waiting until the last minute is never a good idea and takes away from the joy of being in a new location. Save yourself the headache, plan ahead and make your next move an enjoyable experience!

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