FSBO Marketing: DIY Photography Tips

FSBO Marketing: DIY Photography Tips

Online presence is critical for FSBO marketing because that is where ninety-two percent of home buyers look first. And buyers want to see lots of photos. A common mistake for FSBO sellers is having bad or no photos. How your home listing photos look online can make or break home buyer interest. When you list For Sale by Owner for FREE on Fizber.com, you’ll want to showcase photos that capture the buyer’s eye.

You don’t need to be a professional photographer to shoot great photos. But with a few tips and a digital camera in hand, you can achieve great photos that will help your FSBO marketing.

Natural Light

Natural Light Sitting Room

Natural light is always best. Open windows or doors to let as much light in as possible. The best time to shoot is usually at dusk or dawn. Avoid using flash as it can reflect in mirrors, glass, or shiny fixtures and appliances.

Use a Tripod

camera tripod

A tripod keeps the camera perfectly still. Use one to avoid blurry or slanted photos. Also, check the vertical alignment of doorways and cabinets – they should be parallel with the camera viewfinder. If available, use the camera’s grid display feature to help align vertical objects.

Capture the Best Angle

family home

Try to find the most flattering angle of your home that showcases its best architectural features. Aim to include the whole building in the exterior shots of your property. Avoid taking photos of the garage head on.

Take Horizontal Shots

FSBO Marketing living room shots

The photo on the right is a horizontal shot and captures more of the room than the vertical shot on the left. Take horizontal shots to give buyers a better feel of the space.

Clean and Stage

FSBO Marketing staged dining table

First impression matters. Make the beds, clear the dirty dishes, keep toilet lids down, and remove all unnecessary items from countertops. Simple staging like setting the dining table or adding some flowers for a pop of color will create appeal. Keep it clean and simple. You want to attract, not distract from the most important feature – the home.

Additional FSBO Marketing DIY Photography Tips

  • Move cars out of the driveway when photographing the exterior.
  • Remove trash cans in around the front of the property.
  • Avoid taking photos with people in it.
  • In spaces with reflective objects such as mirrors or windows, make sure that neither you nor the camera is visible in the reflections.


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