– “Power of Innovation is Fully Unleashed” – “Power of Innovation is Fully Unleashed” – real estate classified web portal that enjoys its reputation of a forward-looking online resource, has introduced new system architecture. The database server is now realized with the virtual cluster solution in order to speed up query processing and enable unlimited database expanding opportunities.

A US-wide popular real estate classified web portal that provides its users with quality real estate property search and sales opportunities has implemented new system architecture. Now the information storage if fulfilled with a highly performing virtual cluster technology. The solution has several important advantages, namely:

• Unprecedented query processing speed

• Limitless opportunities of the information database expanding

The solution enables the system to withstand extremely heavy loads. Currently we process over 150-200 thousand queries to server every day. Here we count only queries to the main project functionality, excluding static content, such as photos, styles, scripts at javascript, etc. The load that can be withstood by the server approximates to over 700-900 thousand queries daily without introducing any architectural enhancements, though the architecture optimization possibility is embedded into the system.

According to the chief developer Alexander Yarosh: “It is rooted in our development philosophy to introduce the latest technology innovations and enhance the project functioning. We believe that the switch of our database storage to virtual cluster technology will contribute to better functioning, thus providing our users with better service. Fizber is that very project where the power of innovation if fully unleashed”.

It is important to state that Fizber developers did their best to never appear at the technology sidelines. New enhancements, additions, and improvements are being constantly introduced within the project flow. It is obvious that virtual cluster technology is not the end of the system improvement process.

About is a state-of-the-art real estate classified web 2.0 website, providing its users with vast opportunities for real estate property buying, selling, and advertising in the U.S. boasts of full U.S. coverage that quickly connects buyers and sellers from all parts of the country. is by all rights considered the best real estate property search engine, trusted business partner and high quality services provider. Prospective homebuyers can browse the property database, available at, at no charge.

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